07 July 2015
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Words && Sentences

  • c++ compiler vendor : c++编译器提供商

  • noexcept targets a lot of problems (empty) exceptions specifications have.

    target: 以。。。为目标

  • conservative approach: 保守的方式

  • mandatory: 强制的 [ˈmændətɔ:ri]

    All of them are optional, but if one of them occurs, the parentheses([pə’renθəsi:z]) for parameters are mandatory.

  • in term of 依据,按照

    Note that default template arguments may be defined in terms of previous arguments.

  • apart from this : 除此之外

    Apart from this, typename can also be used instead of class in a template declaration.

  • obscure : 隐蔽的,不清楚的,不著名的;使。。。模糊不清,掩盖,隐藏;

    obscure overloading rules.

  • hence/thus : 因此,这样;

  • heterogeneous: [ˌhɛtərəˈdʒiniəs, -ˈdʒinjəs] 异构的

    The C++ standard library is heterogeneous.

  • locale : [loʊˈkæl] 场所地点; facet: [ˈfæsɪt] 侧面,方面,小平面;

    bad_cast might be thrown by use_facet<> if a facet is not available in a locale.